Why Expensive Grinders Are Worth the Price | Odin Grinders

Why Expensive Grinders Are Worth the Price | Odin Grinders

If you’re looking for the best marijuana experience possible, you need a high quality grinder. High-quality grinders are not cheap, but because of their quality, you will have a premium experience that you just can’t get with your average herb grinder. We’ve outlined five reasons why an expensive grinder is worth your money. 

They’re Basically Indestructible

The best herb grinders can withstand a lot of use. If you regularly or even daily enjoy cannabis, your grinder will get a lot of use. High-quality, expensive herb grinders have machinery that won’t stop working, freeze up, or become too difficult to turn after just a short period of time. The teeth will remain sharp and efficient, and the grinder itself will not break because of exposure to temperature, being tossed around, or prolonged use.  

You Get a Smoother Grind

A smooth grind is important when using pipes, bongs, and even rolling papers. Quality cannabis grinders can create a fine, smooth grind. Smooth, evenly ground bud makes for a more potent and efficient smoke that lasts longer than an uneven grind. When your weed is ground finer, you will be able to pack more into your choice of vessel. Cheap grinders don’t grind the weed as finely and can leave large chunks which don’t smoke well. Nobody wants that! Finely ground weed also maintains the buds’ potency, making for a better overall high. 

Better Separation

Breaking down weed by hand or by using a cheaper grinder can make you lose out on your bud’s sticky trichomes and kief. Trichomes are a big influence on your weed’s potency, taste, and smell. Since trichomes are sticky, they are easily lost during the grinding process if expensive machinery isn’t used. Kief similarly can influence the potency of your marijuana experience. Kief is separated during the grinding process. An expensive grinder will catch this kief, which can be used later. You can sprinkle it onto your joints or pack some into your bowl for extra potency. 

It is Easier to Grind

There is nothing worse than trying to grind cannabis for a quick smoke session and having your grinder catch or stop working completely. Cheap grinders can easily wear down or break, making grinding impossible or taking a long time. Expensive grinders are made with first-class machinery that will make the grinding process smooth and easy for you. In no time, you will have fine, quality cannabis to smoke without an aching wrist or broken grinder. 

Expensive Grinders Look Sexy

In general, expensive grinders are simply better looking. Cheaper grinders are often made of plastic or other inexpensive materials that are not necessarily pretty to look at. Expensive grinders have a sleek, impressive appearance that is so pleasing it’s worthy of displaying. 


Buy Your Own, High-Quality Grinder 

There is no question that an expensive grinder is the only way to go if you want a high-quality marijuana experience. At Odin Grinders, we have a wide selection of the best herb grinders to choose from. Purchase your own today and enjoy the smoke session you’ve been craving!  


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